Student Perspective: Mizzou Feels Like Home

Timotius Lagaunne is a 2nd semester Freshman from Palembang, Indonesia. At Mizzou, he is studying Mathematics and Economics with the dream of one day opening his own company. However, his dream does not stop there.  Using the knowledge and experiences he has gained at Mizzou, he hopes to one day open a social institution that benefits Indonesian people in need. 

Timotius has big career goals, so he knew whatever university he chose to attend, it would have to offer the opportunities that would help him achieve those goals. He is currently studying Mathematics and Economics with an interest in Social Psychology, in hopes of becoming an actuary that one day opens and owns an insurance company.

But his ambitious goals don’t stop there; Timotius wants to also give back to the people in Indonesia, “I plan to do a lot of social work in Indonesia which I made as my second career goal in my life. These two career goals will gradually develop and combine so that I can build a social institution that can help needy Indonesian People.”

Throughout his academic career, Timotius has worked hard to be a successful student and search for the opportunities that would help him achieve his goals-which is what brought him to Mizzou. A “… condition that made me choose Mizzou was the size of the University.  As one of big Universities in United States, Mizzou has a lot of advantages in terms of opportunity, such as meeting a lot of new friends from different backgrounds and having more competition, events.  These characteristics… have given me a lot of meaningful experiences that make me more determined with my future career goals.”

As a student he acknowledges the challenges that he faced coming to a country where not only did he not know anyone, but the culture was drastically different as well. “My biggest challenge here was making friends. I was afraid, at  first, that I might have no similar interest with other students. I try my best to…chitchat with some of them and in fact, I was surprised that I found a lot of friends with the same interests as me.”

Outside of the classroom, he and his friends enjoy sampling different dishes at Columbia’s downtown international restaurants, “I experience eating a lot of different dishes at several international restaurants downtown together with my friends.” And to decompress after a hard day’s work Timotius says, “I usually read books or use internet in library or do some fun things to make myself feel relaxed, such as playing badminton, the piano, or go to the recreational center.”

Mizzou has exceeded Timotius’ expectations and set him on the path for achieving his career goals, with plenty of room for some fun along the way! For anyone who is curious or perhaps reluctant to study abroad for college, Timotius has some reassuring words of advice, “Do not worry about the people in Mizzou because you will see that people here are as friendly as people in Indonesia.” For Timotius, “Mizzou makes me feel like home.”

Mizzou’s Office of International Admissions manages To keep up to date with the latest information about studying in the USA, look us up on Facebook and Twitter. And if you have any questions please email us. We look forward to hearing from you

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