#CoMoSnow Takes Over Mizzou Campus

On Wednesday and Tuesday, Mizzou students were treated to a rare(but completely welcomed) occurrence: two full snowdays! #CoMoSnow took over Twitter with students and locals posting their fun snow day pictures. Our new and already popular University Chancellor, R. Bowen Loftin, who’s known for his signature bow tie, even got in on the action by issuing students a challenge via twitter:

challenge 2

Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin challenged students to make snowmen that resembles him- bow tie included :)

Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin- The Real @Bowtieger

So of course, students across campus emerged from their dorms to meet the challenge! And it was not long before “snow bowtieger” photos started flooding into Twitter!

snow bow 2

@MU_Studentvets snowbowtieger. The Mizzou flag went to Afghanistan with one of the Marines

snow bow 3

Built by @misskassidyann

snow bow 6

Awesome view of the columns and Jesse Hall in the background. By @Ericwyount

Snow bow tiger 11

By @The0riginalJmac and company

snow bow 1

The winning Snow Bow Tieger by @samibabes93, @Lulaberry, @KenzieSchranck, and @Cmoneyy12.

#Snowbowtiger on the Quad. Photo credit  @MUCrosbyMBA's Kevin Nielson

#Snowbowtiger on the Quad. Photo credit @MUCrosbyMBA’s Kevin Nielson

Though equally impressive was the engineering students snow construction of Jesse Hall. The students said, “Engineers are not good with snowmen, but we’re excellent with buildings!” We’d have to agree!

jesse snow 2

Photo by @BethLauchstaedt

jesse snow

Photo by @BethLauchstaedt

engr are not good with snowmen but were excellent with buildings

Engineering students pose with their masterpiece “snowproduction” of Jesse Hall. Photo by @BethLauchstaedt

Whether you were building a snowman, a snow bowtieger, engineering a snow structure, or having a snowball fight, campus has been an especially beautiful and endearing place these past couple of days. Here are some other snowy day photos from campus.

mu snow 4

Photo by @mizzoubusiness (instagram)

mu snow 9

Photo by Shane Epping

snow 3

Photo by Shane Epping

snow 4

Photo by Shane Epping

snow 7

Photo by Shane Epping

snow 8

Photo by Shane Epping

mu snow

Photo by stormwatercomo (instagram)

mu snow 2

Photo by @Headleytj

mu snow 7

Photo by Alexanderscott85 (instagram)

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