The Multicultural Hour: A Highlight of Global Mizzou

The University of Missouri has many multicultural events happening on campus in any given week. With the largest number of International Students on any college campus in the state of Missouri, the cultural events taking place on the Mizzou campus are a true reflection of its diversity and interest in global culture.

The Mizzou International Admissions team recently had a Q&A session with Tzu-Yang Chao (who also goes by his last name Chao), an International graduate student in the department of Economics as well as the Multicultural Hour Coordinator for the Asian Affairs Center to speak about the spring 2016 semester events happening on campus.


Q: How did the concept of the Multicultural hour come into existence for the Asian Affairs Center?

Chao: The main purpose for the Multicultural hour is improving, understanding and promoting better relationships among people from different cultures. For a lot of international students it’s really hard to be used to a different culture from their own and make friends by themselves. Multicultural Hour is a really good opportunity to let them introduce their culture to other people, specifically the domestic American students.

Q: Who are the chief supporters for the Multicultural event series and their specific contributions to it?

Chao: Multicultural Hour was established in 2003, co-sponsored by Asian Affairs center, International center, Graduate Professional Council (GPC) and Hong Kong Market


Q. If you could talk about some of the events that have already happened as well as the ones that will be happening in the next few weeks and what are your plans for it?

Chao: There will be a lot of special events in the 2016 academic year: Chinese New year, Halloween Pumpkin Curving, Thanksgiving (American), Japanese food Culture, St. Patrick’s Day (American and European), SongKran Festival, and two semester wrap ups. Some of our special events are organized each semester, depending on the participants’ interest. For example, two years ago, we had a Japanese Tea Ceremony, because our participants expressed interest to learn about the process. In order to do we invited a guest to demonstrate how to properly perform the ceremony. More recently we have had special celebrations for the Chinese Lunar New Year, basically teaching American students to write Calligraphy and Chinese Hand Writing. We had more than hundred people participate in that event as well.

Some of the future events that we are planning to organize are:

Korean Alphabet and Music Culture

St. Patrick’s Day (American & European)

Easter – Egg Dye

Qing-Ming Festival – Chinese Dumpling

SongKran Festival -Thailand New Year

The Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Thanksgiving – American Family

Mid-Autumn Festival – Lantern Making


Japanese Mochi Event held on February 25, 2016

Q: Who are the participants in these events, is it only students, or are faculty, staff and International scholars also welcome?

Chao: Students, faculty, local community, International and domestic scholars, family members, basically everybody is welcome!

Q: Also, apart from the Multicultural hour, what other events and festivities does the Asian Affairs center plan on doing this spring 2016 semester?

Chao: We have many interesting programs planned for everyone to get a taste of Asia. For this, I would recommend checking out the Asian Affairs Center website:











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