Tips for Tigers: How to improve your English

When you are an international student arriving for the first time to Mizzou, it is both exhilarating and slightly terrifying at the same time. There are so many challenges that you might face throughout that initial adjustment period, and improving your language can be one of them. Some of us have trouble with reading and comprehending academic articles, others might have trouble conversing with their classmates. Despite the fact that it might be challenging, the longer you are on this campus, the easier it gets. To speed up your improvement, here are some tips on improving your English.

  1. Be confident!

You might feel a bit insecure about your language. Don’t be! Think of how much courage and skill it takes to travel to a different country and study in a foreign language. So be confident and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

  1. Listen to music, watch movies and TV shows.

That’s an easy and fun way to improve your language. Go watch an episode of “Friends” and listen to a new Beyonce album – hey, you are both enjoying your time and polishing your skills!

  1. Join organizations.

There are so many opportunities on campus and you should take advantage of it. Go check out all the organizations you might have even the slightest interest in. College has so much to offer outside of the classroom. One of the great ways to get involved is to sign up for the Language Partners Program or International Friendship Program. You get paired up with a student who wants to help you learn both language and culture. Another organization you might be interested in joining is AIESEC Mizzou. This cool organization can help you develop international leadership skills. There are so many more opportunities on campus: from newspapers and radio stations to Missouri International Student Council and so on! Explore your possibilities, don’t be afraid to ask questions and meet new people. Not only will it make your time at Mizzou so much more amazing, but your English will improve without you even noticing it.

Now with these tips in hand, finish another episode of your favorite show (in English), and then go check out more information about different language programs on campus.

MU vs. Furman football at Faurot Field

MU vs. Furman football at Faurot Field

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