Academic Programs

Diverse offering of Academic Programs At Mizzou, if you can dream it, you can do it! Mizzou has more than 280 academic programs from undergraduate to doctoral. With assistance from professors and researchers who are at the top of their fields, the sky is the limit in fulling your academic potential. With our standout undergraduate research program, you can gain hands on experience while working with professors to gain applicable, real world experience in your program of study. Be sure to explore the different programs of study in Mizzou’s schools and colleges.

Choose your program of study below!

mizzou businessmizzou cafnrMizzou journalism mizzou engineering

mizzou education

mizzou health profession

other programs of studymizzouartsandsci

























Honors College Mizzou’s Honors College has more than 2000 members with academic backgrounds from Engineering to English. The “Honors Experience” provides a small and close interaction with faculty in honors courses and programs that are meant to stimulate deep intellectual development in students. In addition to academic excellence, students should strive to make their college experience an adventure through extra curricular activities and standout as leaders in their field.

International Students’ Career Services As one of the nation’s leading career service providers to international students, Mizzou’s International Students’ Career Services collaborates with the International Center and other international offices on campus to provide students with culturally sensitive career services. Find out how they can help you in your internship/job search here.

Student Success Center College can be tough. Preparing to go out into the real world to start your career can be even tougher. Mizzou’s Student Success Center is located in the heart of campus to assist you with guidance in your academic and career endeavors.

If you are interested in masters or postgraduate courses please visit the Graduate School website


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